About Me

I am a public relations professional with over 25 years of experience. Over the years I have led teams at several tech PR agencies, run my own agency and served in corporate and internal communications roles. I even spent a few years in IT and networking.

The part of my job that I’ve always enjoyed best, no matter where I worked, is helping others. I’ve found that I’m a pretty good teacher. Over the years I’ve taught classes on everything from the history of computing to computer networking, Excel, Photoshop, PR and of course new media.

These days, I’m teaching students about the practice of communication, mixed in with a good dose of theory, at Boston University. I also have my own consulting practice, “Ground Control Communications” (named after my old agency and my time in Florida). I live in Belmont, Mass. with my wife and our daughter. Let’s connect (or reconnect)!

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