(I warned you about topical departures, rants and tech talk, right? Here it is again: if you just want marketing talk, go visit the Fresh Ground Blog.)

It’s simple, ladies:

  1. Stability (often in the form of spouse / lover).
  2. Progeny (the closest thing we have to immortality until Kurzwiel figures it out).
  3. Sex (however we can get it at the frequency we desire).
  4. Wealth (most of the time, this varies roughly inversely with numbers 1, 2 and 3)

The problem is the nature of the relationships between these four desires. Here’s a graph (a tribute to Indexed) that explains it better:

So the problem is, we want all four, but can’t really have all four, at least for long periods of time. I think a lot of bad behaviors can be explained by men trying to figure out the right equation to max out all four of these variables. Good luck, gentlemen!

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