Finally gave up on Vista, but it’s not Microsoft’s fault (though I still don’t forgive them for the hideousness of Office 2007+) — turns out my HD had some subtly failing sectors that caused all the crashes. So I’ve reverted back to Windows XP running off another drive, and I’m only using the PC as backup (and occasional gaming) — I’m 100% Mac now. If only I could get TweetDeck to behave, I’ll be set!

While I was complaining on Twitter (what will I tweet about now, by the way?), I got a pitch from litl on the benefits of getting rid of the HD. Folks, appliance computing is here, and guess what? It’s not as scary a place as I thought it’d be. While I’d lament not being able to pop open a terminal window and crank away on the command line, how often do I ACTUALLY do that? The last .bat or shell script I wrote was 4 years ago.

While I don’t think I’ll embrace the litl (I do like the design though), I’m a little less scared about the cloud each day.

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