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Bryan Person
January 12th, 2009 @1:41 am  

Todd: I'll admit to getting snarky myself when responding to PR pitches that are clearly spam or lack any attempt at personalization. Sometimes my replies get ignored, and other times the person takes my suggestions to heart and it actually leads to dialogue (and I can only a hope in improvement in their outreach efforts.)

In fact, I think one of my complaints over a spam blog comment led to someone losing his job, too. Not sure that's something I'm proud of, but it does point out the spammy efforts by otherwise reputable organizations should no longer be tolerated.

Bryan | @BryanPerson

Todd Van Hoosear
January 12th, 2009 @5:14 am  

Bryan, you didn't include the link to your old post on blogger relations and blog pitching, but I will:

I'm not proud of costing someone a job, but I'm happy that SOME companies are starting to look at this more closely. Thanks for the note!

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