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Bryan Person
December 24th, 2008 @3:26 am  

Great post here, Todd.

Jeremiah Owyang and Chris Brogan both offer good lists of duties/responsibilities for community managers, and here are the two keys in my book:
1) Community managers (or social media evangelists) help put a human face/voice on organizations.
This can be really critical for bid brands, who've often been viewed as non-accessible, soulless entities. (John Cass is suggesting that government groups should consider CMs, too: an example, look at the role Scott Monty is now playing for the Ford, and how he quashed a PR crisis in fewer than 24hours a couple of weeks ago.
2) Community managers can keep key internal stakeholders informed of the needs of community, current trends, new tools and social networks where (potential) customers are spending time, etc.

There's no doubt that community manager-type roles will continue to proliferate in organizations in 2009.

Bryan Person | @BryanPerson

Bryan Person
December 24th, 2008 @3:27 am  

Didn't properly link to John Cass's post. Here's the right URL: